"Thank you so much for the good dental experience today.  Everyone at the office was so helpful and kind.  It was just such a great experience compared with his last dentist! Joshua had problems seeing dentists due to his medical condition and I was so surprised how well he did today. Dr. Ellen was able to handle my son with care and professionalism. I am so happy I found your practice."
-  Beth (Mother of Joshua)

“Today we had our first visit with Dr. Ellen Im. We were very pleased with the entire situation and wanted to make sure to put out a good report for those of you who might be looking for a dentist. The atmosphere, the staff, and the services provided were all top notch. We did not wait 5 minutes before our 3 year olds were seen by the assistant, and she was extremely kind and patient with both of my children. The exam was painless, and my kids were thrilled about getting prizes at the end of the visit. My kids love it here and Dr. Ellen and her staff definitely get two thumbs up."
-  Michelle (Mother of Alex and Arron)